Boyfriend Strategy book

Need a boyfriend?

Boyfriend Strategy surveyed 1000 women to get their best tips on what works (and doesn't work) when looking for a high quality boyfriend.

They've been through it all. Save yourself some time and heartache... learn from their mistakes.

They know what works. Relationship-tested techniques for finding love and keeping your man interested for the long term.

Some things you can't just buy. Love isn't for sale, but Boyfriend Strategy will help you find it quickly.

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Tried the bar scene. Went on some blind dates. No luck. Used the tips in this eBook and landed the man of my dreams.

And you can, too!

Princess, who found her Frog

Tired of kissing frogs?

Your prince is out there; you just need to know where and how to find him (hint: it probably isn't at a bar, but it is likely closer than you think).

Sure, online dating sites (eg.,, Catholic Match, JDate) offer big catalogs of men who are probably available, but how do you pre-screen them, and what do you do after the first meeting? How do you avoid the players?

Our survey covered not only how to meet new boyfriend candidates, but also the next steps: dating, romance, knowing if he's interested, ex-boyfriends, and knowing if he's right for you long term.

Kissing frog

Find your prince

Frog Prince

For the cost of a single month of online dating, you could have the wisdom of what, literally, 1000 other women have tried in an easy to read PDF eBook.

These success tips (and failure examples) will save you countless weeks and months of looking in the wrong places and dating the wrong guys.

Your prince is out there, waiting for you to use one these success techniques to find him.

Princess and Frog

Who's behind this?

Boyfriend Strategy is the compilation of a 1000 woman army trying to help their sisterhood find love.

The eBook was edited by one Ms. Princess and one Mr. Frog (not their real names) who found each other using the techniques revealed in this eBook.

Prior to meeting each other, they had tried and failed for years to find love using a variety of poor dating techniques (also revealed in this eBook as what not to do).


The Princess And The Tiara

Your boyfriend search begins with you. Are you ready to meet your prince?

Search For Your Prince

1000 women reveal where they found success, as well as the best places to look.

Once Upon A Time

There is a fine line between flirting and being too easy. Do it right and they'll be chasing you.

Entering The Castle

How do you know if he's really interested?

A Kiss At Midnight

Romance and proven dating tips once you're inside his world.

Yours Until Dawn

The timing and type of intimacy is key. Learn what drives him crazy.

Charming the Prince

How to keep him interested.

Getting The Glass Slipper

A fairytale ending... Happily Ever After.


Every woman should read this book. I spent way too much time in the swamp eating bugs.

Frog, who is now with Princess
Boyfriend Strategy eBook

Boyfriend Strategy

Get your prince now.

Learn from the wisdom of crowds (in this case, one thousand women who've been there and tried that). Save yourself some time and heartache. Put the odds of finding a quality boyfriend in your favor.

Your prince is out there. Go get him.

Buy now for $25
(PayPal payment for PDF eBook download)

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